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Interesting Words - Welsh

Online review site Trip Advisor has banned all reviews written in Welsh. (Trip Advisor is arguably the world's largest travel websi...


21st November is World Hello Day. Say "Hello" to at least 10 people.

Hello. Bonjour. Guten Tag. Hola. Ciao. Ola. SziaNamaste. Salaam. Marhaba. Zdras-tvuy-te. Konnichiwa. Merhaba. Jambo. Ni Hau. Halo.

Interesting Food - Coffee

Mathematicians from the University of Limmerick are working out a mathematical formula for the perfect cup of coffee.

(They have found that size does matter, and flavour is linked to the coffee grain's surface are.  The method of extraction describes the movement of the coffee from its solid form as a bean into its liquid form when it dissolves into hot water, and they have found that small grains give a more bitter taste, whilst large grains result in a weak brew.

Earlier in 2016 some chemists got together to create this video:-

Reactions goes on a quest for better coffee through chemistry.


Interesting Fact - Television

The first TV licence in the UK cost 10 shillings (that's 50p in today's money).

(The licence was originally known as a wireless licence, and today it costs £145.50 for a colour TV. That's inflation for you.)