On This Day

26th July

1745 – The first recorded women's cricket match took place near Guildford, England

1803 – The Surrey Iron Railway, arguably the world's first public railway, opened in south London.

1847 – Liberia declared independence.

1944 – The first German V-2 rocket hit Great Britain.

1945 – The Potsdam Declaration was signed in Potsdam, Germany.

1945 - Clement Attlee became Britain's new prime minister after Labour won a sweeping victory. (It's always a bit surprising to think of this when you consider how popular Churchill was during the war. Maybe people just wanted to look to the future and forget the past.)

1952 - Eva Peron died.

1963 - Thousands were killed during an earthquake in the Yugoslavian city of Skopje.

1989 – A federal grand jury indicted Cornell University student Robert T. Morris, Jr. for releasing the Morris worm. He was the first person to be prosecuted under the 1986 Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.