Interesting Words - Gender-neutral Terms

It seems that Cardiff Metropolitan University is trying to stop lecturers from using phrases they deem sexist; such as 'right-hand man', 'gentleman’s agreement', 'man in the street', 'housewife' and 'forefathers' in favour of gender-neutral terms.

(The following gender-neutral terms have been suggested:-

Forefathers - Forebears
Gentleman's agreement - Agreement based on trust.
Girls (for adults) - Women
Housewife - Homemaker
Manpower - Labour force / Human resources
Man / Mankind - Humanity
Man-made - Artificial
Man in the street / common man - Average citizen
Right-hand man - Chief assistant
Sportsmanship - Fairness / Sense of fair play

We will all be 'sering' before we know it.)

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