Interesting Fact - Swimming

Scientists in Canada have been able to prove what we have all suspected; people pee in the swimming pool.

(Whilst it is not possible to find the actual  culprit (the colour of the water doesn't change), after monitoring two public pools in Canada the researchers found that a typical large swimming pool ( a large pool (about one-third the size of an Olympic pool) contains 75 litres of urine – enough to fill a medium-sized dustbin.

If you don't swim in public pools, but you enjoy a spa experience, they also tested hot tubs, which were found to have far higher urine levels. 

In one anonymous survey, 19% of adults admitted to having urinated in a swimming pool at least once. And it seems professional swimmers are the worst offenders, as they don't have "time" to get out and use the facilities.

Please!  Eew!  I can swear, with my hand on my heart that I have never peed in the pool.  I always go before I swim  (I honestly believed the water would change colour), and I shower and wear shower shoes too.  It's not that difficult to do.)

This is why you shouldn't pee in the pool:-

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