Interesting Fact - Marriage

Christina Estrada, a former model, is claiming nearly £200million in her divorce from Sheikh Walid Juffali, a Saudi multi-billionaire.

(In a divorce settlement case that has more twists and turns than a game of snakes and ladders, he actually tried to prevent her claim in the British courts on the grounds that he was entitled to legal immunity because of his diplomatic status as permanent representative to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) of the Caribbean island of St Lucia, she is demanding such a huge sum as it "reflects the standard of living she enjoyed during her marriage to the Sheikh".

She is trying to justify her rather large claim for the following expenses:-

£55million for a new London home with annual staff costs of £335,558, which would cover a live-in butler, housekeeper, chauffeur, a nanny for the London home together with two cleaners, a chef, a reserve nanny and an office manager.
£4.4million for a second house at Henley.
£2.1million annual travel budget, which includes £600,000 to hire private jets and £247,000 to book the Presidential Suite at the Ritz Hotel in Paris for an October half-term break and of course, £74,230 for the nanny’s room.
£495,000 for five cars, three in London and two in America.
£109,000 for haute couture dresses £50,000 for Christmas dinners for up to 150 guests.
£40,000 for fur coats.
A ‘holiday entertainment’ budget of £160 a day for 76 days a year, said to be based on the price of opera tickets for La Traviata.
Over £80,000 on handbags.
£28,000 a year for three tickets to watch Wimbledon.
£21,000 on shoes.
£9,000 on face cream.
etc. etc. etc

Seemingly he divorced her in 2014 after 13 years of marriage, without her knowledge!

How can you divorce someone and they don't know? I mean he didn't even text her!  

Please settle up you two: Ms Estrada, you're giving women a bad name, and Mr Juffali, you're giving Saudi billionaires a bad name. Did you just grow tyred of her?)