Interesting Fact - Sport

According to a story in the Daily Mail, primary school children in Dundee are having to sign a 17-clause contract before they can play football in the playground.
(The 17 clauses are as follows:-

  1. I will not deliberate foul tackles
  2. I will not carry issues off the pitch to class or after school
  3. I will not argue an agreed out or an agreed foul
  4. I will not hog the ball  (They actually wrote hogg here.)
  5. I will not name call or tease
  6. I will not chant, use banter or wahoys!
  7. I will not gloat or boast
  8. I will not, if scorekeeping be a sore loser and will congratulate the other team
  9. I will not elbow or shoulder barge
  10. I will not deliberately chase on the pitch or swipe the ball from people
  11. I will not cheat
  12. I will keep up with my school work
  13. I will demonstrate sportsmanlike conduct and apologising
  14. I will use timeouts for myself as individual players if needed
  15. I will use supportive and encouraging language
  16. I will take turns in position
  17. I will ensure teams are fair and no swapping
It goes on to say:-

If I can keep up with these expectations, then I will show myself and the staff that I am responsible enough to participate in these activities

I understand that if I break any of the agreed expectations that staff may review my contract and as a result I will not be allowed to play for:

  • Three days on the first occurrence
  • One week on the second occurrence
  • The remainder of the term for a third violation
At first I thought that this may have been put together as a new contract for Premier League football players, but then I realised it used too many long words.)