Interesting Food - Sugar

The UK is about to introduce a sugar tax on soft drinks, which will add at least 18p a liter to sweet fizzy drinks.

(The tax will be levied according to how much sugar is added to a drink. According to the BBC, there will be two bands - one for total sugar content above 5g per 100 millilitres and a second, higher band for the most sugary drinks with more than 8g per 100 millilitres. Analysis by the Office for Budgetary Responsibility suggests they will be levied at 18p and 24p per litre.

It is estimated that it will raise around £520m a year, which the government has pledged will be spent on increasing the funding for sport in primary schools.

So, does this mean people will drink less sugary pop? Probably not, they'll just have less money to spend on fruit.)

The sugar tax has an interesting history:-

First they said they wouldn't, then they said they might, now they have: Talk about flip flopping:-