Interesting Fact - Food

This one could have been labelled under "time" too.  Seemingly the old "5 second rule" is a myth.

(For those of you who don't know what it is, the 5 second rule says that if you drop some food on the floor, as long it hasn't beenthere for longer than 5 seconds, it's okay to eat it.

In a survey commisioned by a cleaning technology company they found that 37% of Brits would eat food dropped on the kitchen floor.

I'm not sure when the so called "rule" came into effect, but scientists are now warning people not to put their lives at risk of contracting E.coli or salmonella poisoning by eating dropped food. 

Personally (as a dog owner) if I drop food, I'm not likely to be given the chance to eat it, Laika is much faster than me.)