Interesting Fact - Clothes

The first blue jeans made by Levis had four pockets: one at the back and, in the front, two plus a mysterious small pocket at the front, and our jeans still have this tiny pocket just above the front pocket. Why? Well, according to Levis that pocket was for a small watch.

(According to Levi Strauss's historian Tracey Panek, the watch pocket appears on the oldest pair of jeans (1879) in the Levi's archives.

People have been discussing the small pocket in a Quora thread for years, and eventually the Levi Strauss company confirmed their conclusion, adding, "This extra pouch has served many functions... condom pocket, coin pocket, match pocket and ticket pocket, to name a few."

In my case, tissues, which I have to remember to remove before putting them in the wash.  What do you keep in yours?)