Interesting Words - Slang

A Secondary School in the UK, the Harris Academy Upper Norwood, has received  top Ofsted Marks after banning slang like "coz", "woz" and 'innit'.

(A whole list of words were outlawed including:-

“coz”, “aint”, “like”, “we woz”, “you woz”, “innit”, along with “bare” – slang for “very”, and “extra” – which means “over the top”

Students are also barred from starting sentences with “basically” and ending sentences with “yeah",  in an attempt to make students more employable after leaving school.

Students heard using slang including “ain’t” - a word that originated in the 18th century - were asked to “reflect” on its use.

"Well ain't that just bare amazin`?  Yeah! I mean, it ain't like we woz learnin' extra slang on t' Network innit?  Wicked!"  Actually I always say, "Don't use slang until you can use English proficiently".)