Interesting Fact - Advertising

Shock horror!  According to research published in the Journal of Global Fashion and Marketing,
82% of claims made in adverts for cosmetics are bogus.

(Researchers found that only 18% of all claims made in commercials for cosmetics prove to be true.  They classified each claim as vague/ambiguous, an omission, an outright lie, or as acceptable.

Every category of beauty products was looked at, including makeup, skincare, body and bath products, fragrance, along with hair, and nail care.

Claims like:-

"award-winning product"
"clinically proven"
"your skin feels softer"
"your face looks younger"
"dermatologists recommend this"
"all you need for a day of confidence"

and even:-
“no testing on animals”

Just to prove you can't believe them, here is a famous advert which definitely deserves a #fail:-

What were they thinking?)