Interesting Fact - Longevity

According to evolutionary psychologist Professor Robin Dunbar, gossiping about others could help us to live longer.

(He told the Cheltenham Science Festival that the most important thing that will prevent you dying is the size of your social network, adding "Language evolved to allow us to keep the oil of the social network flowing, keep us up to date, and tell stories which is really important for community cohesion."

And he's not alone: Dr Matthew Feinberg, a researcher at Stanford University also said: “Groups that allow their members to gossip sustain co-operation and deter selfishness better than those that don't."

Other studies have implied that gossiping about others is what sets us apart from the animals, and according to scientists at the University of Michigan it's especially good for women, a woman is happier and healthier if she enjoys a regular chat with her female friends because it boosts levels of progesterone, a hormone shown to reduces levels of anxiety and stress.

I think you can have a nice chat without gossiping though.)