Interesting Fact - Class in the UK

According to research by the social mobility and child poverty commission, old-fashioned snobbery is alive and kicking in the UK.

(Elite British companies are thwarting the career prospects of talented working-class applicants and recruiting applicants from public schools because of their accents and mannerisms.

The commission examined recruitment at 13 elite law, accountancy and financial companies who between them appoint 45,000 of the top jobs in the country. It found that 70% of jobs offered by those firms in 2014 went to applicants from public or selective schools, even though such schools only educate around 11% of the population.

I'm not in the least surprised, but it's their loss. If you are talented, but turned down for a job because you aren't "posh" enough, open your own company, and put them out of business in a few years.)

!Note - A public school is a private school in the UK.  I went to a state school.