Interesting Fact - Google

According to, the Google autocomplete function can tell you the top searches for the cost of something by geographic area.

(They have created an eye-opening infographic that shows what the most pressing concerns of an area are.  Some of their results were amusing, some sad, others worrying.

“Camel” was the top search for Saudi Arabia
“Croissant” came top in France
"Passport and patent" were neck and neck in North America
“BMW” in Germany
"Prostitute" in Ukraine, Hong Kong, Latvia and Brazil
"Slave” in Mauritania
"Kidney" in Iran

I decided to do a couple of tests, so I started with a simple "cost of * in ..." search for Nottingham.

The results were:-

... living / parking / taxi

Then I did the "How much does a * cost in ...".

The results were:-

IVF / the tram / to hire a limo

Good old Nottingham.

Then I did a "How much does a * cost in ..." search for England:-

The results were:-

divorce / prescription / abortion / tummy tuck

Try one for your area / country.)