Interesting Fact - Age

The following celebrities have all been caught in the oldest fib in the world, lying about their age:-

(A number of times Sandra Bullock's age has been up and down like a yo-yo, shaving off years, and then adding years, depending on the role.  

Shaving off:-

6 years - actress Katie Redford was caught telling porkies, when eagle eyed fans on social media pointed out that she was 25, not 19 as she had claimed to be during an audition for ITV soap 'Coronation Street'.

2 years - Singer James Blunt.

2 years - Rapper Eminem.

4 years - Paloma Faith
And celebs don't always take the years off. To land that dream role, they'll even add a few:-

Adding years

2 years - Nadine Coyle

5 years - Whoopi Goldberg

In 1949 Time joked:-

To find the age of a star, a Hollywood press-agent takes the year of her (or his) birth, subtracts it from itself, and burns the paper the numbers were written on; then adds last week's fan mail to the box-office receipts from the star's last picture, subtracts her salary, divides the remainder by the number of press-agents assigned to care for her career, subtracts the number of her marriages, adds three months for every child she has had (things grow fast in the sub tropics), and knocks off ten years just for gallantry. If the age is still higher than the one the boss ordered, he works in slight mathematical errors until the answer comes out right.
Of course nowadays more than ever, people are lying about their age. According to the UK advertising watchdog more than 80% of children lie about their age when using social media.