Interesting Food - Lunch

According to a study by consumer watchdog Which?, some salads and sandwiches from supermarkets and cafe chains contain more calories, and higher levels of fat and sugar than fast food like pizza and burgers.

(They identified the 8 worst offenders as Caffè Nero, Pret a Manger, Marks & Spencer and Asda.

For example:-

Caffè Nero’s brie and bacon panini - 624 calories
McDonald’s quarter-pounder with cheese - 518 calories

Pret a Manger’s cheddar and pickle sandwich on artisan bread contained 17.6g of sugar and nearly half an adult’s RDA  (recommended daily allowance) of saturated fat.

Marks and Spencer's chicken and smoked bacon salad sandwich on soft multigrain farmhouse bread - 694 calories
Pizza Express margherita pizza - 683 calories

Asda’s creamy piri-piri chicken pasta salad contained more fat than Burger King’s bacon and cheese Whopper.