Interesting Fact - Food Labellin

In new legislation, restaurants and takeaways across Europe will be required by law to tell customers if their food contains ingredients known to trigger allergies.

(The new rules also apply to meals served in bakeries, cafes, care homes and any packaged produce sold by supermarkets.

Remember the nuts? Well it's not just nuts:-

The list of ingredients includes:-

celery - including any found in stock cubes and soup
cereals containing gluten - including spelt, wheat, rye, barley
crustaceans - e.g. crabs, lobster, prawns and shrimp paste
eggs - including food glazed with egg
lupin - can be found in some types of bread, pastries, pasta
molluscs - mussels, land snails, squid, also found in oyster sauce
nuts - for example almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, macadamia
peanuts - also found in groundnut oil
sesame seeds - found in some bread, houmous, tahini
soya - found in beancurd, edamame beans, tofu
sulphur dioxide - used as a preservative in dried fruit, meat products, soft drinks, vegetables, alcohol.

I want them to add coleslaw and avocado.  They have an awful effect on me.)