Interesting Fact - Health and Safety

According to research commissioned by home insurance company More Than, the biggest hazard in the home is ... children.

(By the age of 10 the average child in the UK will have caused more than £2,000 worth of damage around the house.

The most common things kids do to destroy the house are:-

1. Drawing on walls
2. Permanent stains on the carpet
3. Breaking plates and crockery
4. Damaging furniture
5. Footprints/handprints on surfaces
6. Scratching upholstery
7. Blocking the toilet
8. Accidentally smashing a window
9. Scratching walls with bikes
10. Blocking the kitchen/bathroom sink
11. Breaking beds by jumping on them
12. Staining kitchen surfaces
13. Breaking door handles
14. Pulling up carpets
15. Splashing paint on everything
16. Gluing things to furniture and walls
17. Breaking the banister to the stairs
18. Breaking the TV
19. Setting things on fire
20. Putting toys in the microwave

I'll always remember when a friend of mine found that her son had put a sandwich in the video player. He thought he was posting it. Bless. Kerching!)