Interesting Fact - Fathers

We were talking about maternity and paternity / maternal and paternal in today's session, so this little factlet is very fitting.

According to a survey carried out by the Family Matters Institute, 12% of fathers in the UK aspire to be like Homer Simpson.

A good role-model?
(The following "father figures" were most popular:-

David Beckham - 21%
Jamie Oliver - 14%
Homer Simpson - 12%
Prince William - 9%
David Walliams - 7%
Simon Cowell - 5%
David Cameron - 4%
Wayne Rooney - 1%

The typical, modern UK dad was described as a food-loving, health-conscious, house proud family man, but their choices of role models leaves a lot to be desired.  For goodness sake! David Cameron left his 8 year-old daughter in the pub!)