Interesting Fact - Clothing

Australian presenter Karl Stefanovic, who co-presents Channel Nine’s Today show with Lisa Wilkinson, has been wearing the same blue suit – day in, day out, for a year.

(He did it to make a point about the ways in which his female colleagues are judged. “No one has noticed,” he said.

His co-presenter, Lisa Wilkinson, gave the Andrew Olle media lecture in which she talked about the expectations placed on women in public life. “Today’s media landscape, particularly for women, is one now so focused on the glossy and the glamorous, it often eclipses and undermines everything else,” she told the audience. “When you’re a woman doing breakfast TV, you quickly learn the sad truth that what you wear can sometimes generate a bigger reaction than even any political interview you ever do.” She recounted a reader’s letter in which a viewer told her to “get some style” before reading her reply to that letter: “Please include suggested colours, sleeve lengths, skirt shapes, your preference for prints, fabrics, weights, jackets versus blouse et cetera,” she wrote back. Wilkinson also stipulated some conditions for the clothes her unsolicited would-be stylist could select: they had to be comfortable, not too revealing, generously cut to fit both her bust as well as her petite frame, and they they couldn’t clash with her co-presenter’s ties or the couch. In the audience, Stefanovic laughed and applauded – and an idea was born. He began wearing the same blue suit that same week, and after a month of doing so, told his co-host of his experiment. They waited for the viewer letters – and the sirens from the fashion police – complaining about his overworked suit, of course, but none came.

Thankfully Mr Stefanovic did get his suit cleaned from time to time.)

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