Interesting Fact - Zombies

One for +Aladdin Pasha here:-

According to online magazine Foreign Policy, the Pentagon has plans in place in case of a zombie apocalypse.

(I had to check the date on this report, to make sure it wasn't early April, but apparently the US Defense Department has plans, in an unclassified document called "CONOP 8888", with instructions of what to do if zombies attack and the armed forces have to eradicate flesh-eating walkers in order to "preserve the sanctity of human life" among all the "non-zombie humans."

The plans even look at the different kinds of zombie adversaries one might find:

  • vegetarian zombies 
  • evil magic zombies
  • chicken zombies
  • zombies that come from outer space
  • zombies created by bio-engineers
  • humans who have been invaded by a pathogen that turns them into zombies
Nice to know you've got our backs guys.  I'm still not certain this isn't some April 1st spillover.)