Interesting Fact - Most popular music video

According to the Economist the mysteriously popular music video “Gangnam Style” is the most watched music clip of all time.

(PSY, the South Korean pop star who released the song in July 2012, recently surpassed two billion views on YouTube.  At 4:12 minutes long, that equates to more than 140 million man-hours, or a cumulative 16,000 years of human life spent watching a strange Korean man prancing around. 

The Economist worked out what else could have been achieved in this time:-

It took 50 million man-hours to complete the “supercarrier” USS Gerald Ford, so 3 such ships could have been constructed.

We could have built more than 4 Great Pyramids of Giza.

Created another Wikipedia.

Built 6 Burj Khalifas (the world’s tallest building in Dubai).

Maybe it's best not to add up how much time we spend on the net.)

Thanks to +april sis.