Interesting Fact - Building

According to property experts in London, there are up to 1,000 JCB diggers entombed underground in London.

(So, is this because of some great calamity? Mud slides? Earthquakes? No. It's simply  because they are cheaper to bury than lift to street level.

In London, new luxury conversions, “sub-basements” are all the rage, because let's face it, there's nowhere else left to build. The basements are dug by diggers, and in the past developers would use a large crane to scoop up the machinery, but when they calculated the cost-benefit equation of this procedure: hiring a crane, closing the street etc. it emerged that simply burying the digger; worth only £5,000 or £6,000, in its own hole was cheaper.

I wonder what the future will think of us.)