Interesting Fact - Secrets

According to a survey commissioned by the distributors for the film The Fifth Estate, 92% of men consider themselves to be good at keeping secrets.

(However, thanks to social media, men now typically share a secret with someone within 3 hours of hearing it.

The top 10 secrets men can't keep?
  1. A friend is having an affair.
  2. A friend lied about something.
  3. A boss/colleague is having an office romance.
  4. Someone is pregnant.
  5. Someone has been in trouble with the police.
  6. Someone was lying about their job or salary.
  7. Someone has had/is having plastic surgery.
  8. A friend has had a windfall.
  9. A friend/colleague is in financial trouble.
  10. A friend/colleague is having trouble in the bedroom department.
(It takes women 3 and a half hours.)

Just don't forget the saying, "Two can keep a secret, if one of them doesn't know about it." )