Interesting Fact - Habits

According to a study carried out by Clipper Teas, Brits are twice as likely to dump their partner, than change their brand of tea.

(The top 10 things we are least likely to change are:-

  1. Our hairstyle.
  2. Our hair colour.
  3. What we eat for breakfast.
  4. Our favourite mug
  5. Our bedtime.
  6. Our favourite food brands.
  7. Our favourite takeaway restaurant.
  8. When we do our shopping.
  9. Our favourite brand of tea.
  10. The time of day we drink tea.
I'd agree with 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, and 10. For the rest, I'm pretty flexible.

It looks as if in the UK we like our habits and routine, but aren't that keen on our other halves.)