Interesting Fact - Entertaining

According to a survey conducted on behalf of French mustard Maille one in four Brits feel pressure to perform after watching competitive cooking programmes.

(A quarter of people in the UK, who hold dinner parties, admit to trying to serve "restaurant quality food" and to outdo their friends when entertaining.  In order to make a good impression, the average dinner party host will now spend six and a half hours preparing food and lay out an average of £102.17 on food and trimmings, and one in 10 amateur cooks will spend more than £200 to entertain at home.

The survey almost found that men were more likely to spend to show off. Their average dinner party bill is a fifth more than women’s, and they are more likely to shop at a specialist store. However, women put more care into their entertaining, taking nearly a quarter more time to prepare.

If you are spending that much on entertaining friends, you might as well take them out to a restaurant.