Interesting Place - Colorado

Officials in Colorado replaced a "MILE 420" sign near Stratton, about 25 miles from the Kansas border, with a sign that says "MILE 419.99.

(Why? Because people kept stealing the old one.

Why? Well, seemingly, this innocent looking three digit number 420, (pronounced four-twenty), has long been associated with cannabis and smoking cannabis. I found a couple of reasons for this:-

  1. Because a group of pot heads called the Waldos used to meet at 4:20pm.
  2. Because 4oz used to cost $20.
I guess we'll never know.

But this isn't the first place in Colorado with a fractional mile marker. Cameron Pass in Larimer County has a "MILE 68.5" sign after frequent thefts of the "MILE 69" sign, I'm not even going to try to attempt to explain that one.)

Sources:  The Independent / Wikipedia