Interesting Fact - Speed

A 60mph (mile per hour) speed limit is set to be introduced on some sections of motorways in the UK.

(Currently the speed limit is 70mph, and there had been talk of increasing it (Of course this never applies if there are roadworks, or you're on the M25 (good luck getting above 25mph on that monster, I never realised it was named after its top speed)).  The first motorway to be affected will be a 32-mile stretch of the M1 in Derbyshire and South Yorkshire.  

The idea is to cut pollution levels to meet EU regulations, and if you're laughing at people in Derby, don't ... it could be brought in on other sections around the country if air quality is deemed to be at risk.

The problem for me is that whenever we travel back to the UK, after German motorways, the British motorway system seems to be so slow.)

Source: The Independent