Interesting Fact - Immigration

On my trip to the UK recently I was dismayed to read and hear all the negative press about the opening up of borders to new countries in the EU. It really made me ashamed to be British. Now the figures have started to come in and so far the millions of Eastern Europeans anticipated by the tabloid press and other people who should know better has turned out to be 24.

(Yup 2 dozen, and they are probably wondering what they let themselves in for.

On New Year's Day, politicians, including Keith Vaz, and journalists gathered at Luton airport desperately waiting for the arrival of millions of unemployed Romanians, only to be greeted by two new entrants, both of whom already had jobs.

Of course people will travel to look for work.  That's how I ended up in Germany.)

"Britain's an island; it's always had a constant ebb and flow of immigration - it makes it a better place."
John Lydon