Interesting Words - Scrabble

The final board of the 2013 British Scrabble championships contained words that don't appear in the Oxford English Dictionary.

(But don't worry, there was no cheating going on, as they did appear in the official Scrabble dicationary.

The 12 most obscure words on the final board were:-

Aecia: A fruiting body of a rust fungus
Coniines: Alkaloid that makes up the poisonous part of hemlock
Vela: Plural of velum, a glass screen
Zeds: Plural word for the letter Z
Khis: Plural of khi, a letter in the Greek alphabet
Fy: To digest
Enew: (Hawk) Falconry term for driving a bird into the water
Qat: variant spelling of khat, a plant whose leaves are chewed as a stimulant
Litu: Plural of Litas, a former silver coin and monetary unit of Lithuania
Atigi: Parka worn by the Inuits in northern Canada
Bandura: Ukrainian lute
Swarf: A swoon; grit abraded from an axle

Now work out how many points they scored.)