Interesting Place - Heathrow

How many Heathrow workers does it take to change a light-bulb?

(The answer is - none, because since opening in 2008, not a single bulb has been replaced in terminal 5's departure lounge at Heathrow.

In some areas up to 60 per cent of the lights have blown, but they haven't been replaced because there is no safe way to reach them.

The people who designed the terminal, which cost £4.5billion, appear to have overlooked basic maintenance, light-bulbs need to be changed, and some of them are positioned 120ft above the ground. I would have thought pulleys and lifts would have been on the specs, but seemingly not.

They have tried cherry-pickers and hydraulic boom lifts to replace the downlighters, but none were deemed to be practical or safe enough, and now, a team of specialist wire walkers has been given the job of stopping the lights from going out completely.

It will take four months and cost millions of pounds.

I wonder if they will play circus music whilst they are doing it.)