Interesting Fact - OCD

According to the charity OCD-UK, clinical research stats suggest about 750,000 people, approx.1.2% of the UK population suffer with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder).

(However research suggests that 44% of the population think they have it. A common phrase in the UK is "I'm a bit OCD", well ladies and gentlemen, that's not OCD.

Some signs of OCD are:-

Compulsive hand-washing (Do you keep scrubbing your hands raw, or use sanitizer?)

Overzealous cleaning (Is your house spotless?)

Checking behaviour (Is the oven off?)

Counting everything (How many steps in your house?)

Perfect Organisation (Is your desk always tidy?)

Fear of violence (Are you frightened to go outside?)

Unwanted sexual thoughts (Are you disgusted at yourself?)

Dwelling on relationships (Do you still obsess about your old flames?)

Always seeking reassurance (Do you ask your friends the same questions over and over?)

Hating your looks (Do you like what you see in the mirror?)