Interesting Fact - Memory

Regulars to the sessions will know that I have a rubbish memory, and I'm not alone.  According to a report commissioned by Post-it sticky note pads, the average person forgets around 4 things a day.  That adds up to 1,460 things every year.

(Here are the top 10 things you are most likely to forget . . .

  1. Why you went into a room.
  2. Where you put your keys.
  3. Things you wanted to buy at the shops.
  4.  People’s names after you meet them.
  5. Where you put your pen.
  6. Taking meat out to defrost.
  7. To respond to an email.
  8. To mail something
  9. What you wanted to search for online.
  10. Where you parked your car.
How many things did I say I was going to write?)