Interesting Food - Police Canteens

According to an article from the Sun newspaper, Police canteens in the UK serve mostly junk food and it's all subsidised by the tax payer.

(In Humberside, a fry-up is £3.80 for “ten items, including bacon, sausage, eggs, beans and crumpets."

Lunch choices in Cumbria include scampi and chips, burger and chips and deep-fried spicy battered chicken, all for £3.20, which wouldn't buy you a sandwich in a normal cafe.

In Herts a pizza costs £2.35, and Manchester sells pies for £1.12.

I think I'll have the chicken piri piri and rice from the Met. I visited the website to see if I could find the price, and it told me it uses cookies (I bet it does.))