Interesting Fact - Questions

According to a study commissioned by, mothers are the most quizzed people in the UK.

(Mothers are asked about 300 questions a day, in fact they are asked more questions per hour than a primary school teacher (19) even doctors and nurses only have to cope with 18 questions an hour. The study also discovered that girls around the age of 4 are the most curious, asking an incredible 390 questions a day; that's about one question every 2 minutes.

From breakfast at 7.19am to tea time at 7.59pm, the average mum faces a testing 12.5 hour day of questioning - working out at one question every two minutes 36 seconds.

The toughest questions asked are:-

1) Why is water wet? (35 per cent)

2) Where does the sky end? (34 per cent)

3) What are shadows made of? (33 per cent)

4) Why is the sky blue? (20 per cent)

5) How do fish breathe under water? (18 per cent)

Maybe I'll ask these in the next LEN Quiz session on Kitely.)