Interesting Fact - Friendship

According to anthropologist Robin Dunbar, you can only have 150 friends.  This is called the Dunbar number.

(Now we're not talking Facebook friends here, but meaningful friendships, and these can be broken down into groups:-

As humans we can cope with anything from 5 to 13 very close friends, the norm is 5.  (The ones you can't afford to fall out with because they know too many secrets about you.)

An extra ten friends on top of that make up people you care about and mix with most.

Another 35 people create an extended circle of friends, friends from school, groups, work or clubs. And then a final 100 – acquaintances, kind of friends of friends. 

A paper published in 2011 found that on Twitter the average number of other people a user regularly interacts with falls between 100 and 200. The limit on how many Facebook friends you can have is a generous 5,000, but the average user has 190.)