Interesting Place - The Crown Estate

Have you ever wondered who owns what in the UK?  Well, the Crown Estate owns quite a bit.  It is a property business valued at more than £8 billion.

(The property it manages is owned by the Crown, but is not the private property of the monarch, and it's huge.

So what "property" is this?

Well it includes virtually the entire seabed of the UK, out to about 12 nautical miles, as well as around half of the foreshore of the UK.

The rural estate comprises agricultural, mineral and forestry estates in England, Scotland and Wales, as well as residential and commercial property.

The Crown Estate's urban portfolio comprises a wide and varied mix of properties including Regent Street in London.

The Windsor Estate covers approximately 6,400 hectares and includes Windsor Great Park, the Home Park of Windsor Castle, forests, residential and commercial properties, golf courses, a racecourse and farms.

If you want to see what is owned where, look at the Estates Map.)