Interesting Fact - Beds

According to a report called The Great British Bedtime Report, commissioned by the Sleep Council to mark National Bed Month, the average amount that people in the UK spend on a new bed is £583.05.

(63% of Brits buy a divan bed, with king-size beds being the most popular, 31% chose this size, but some people spend up to £40,000, and for four years the world's most expensive bed was the Magnetic Floating Bed which has a price tag of $1.6 million.

If you think that is a bit much, the title of world's most expensive bed now belongs to the Baldacchino Supreme. This rather pricey little number is made from chestnut wood and curving ash wood with a canopy with edges in cherry wood, it also features Italian silk and cotton, and contains 107 kg of solid 24ct gold, and the headboard can be customized with diamonds buttons. It was a limited edition of only 2 to be made. Price? £4,000,000.00.