Interesting Words - Banned Words

A school in Middlesborough, in the UK, has drawn up a list of banned words and phrases.

(The head teacher, Carol Walker, has drawn up the list to promote standard English in order to improve the job chances of the pupils at the school.

Here's the list and the suggested alternatives:-

I done that. - I have done that. / I did that.
I seen that. - I have seen that. / I saw that.
Yous - You lot come her.
I dunno - I don't know.
It's nowt - It's nothing
Letta / Butta etc. - letter - butter etc.
Your - Your late should be you're late.
Werk / shert etc - work / shirt etc.
E was sat there - He was sitting there.
Dropping the "th" - "School finishes at free fifteen," should be, "School finishes at three fifteen."
Gizit ere - Please give it to me. or Please give me the ...

Yes, as anyone who visits my sessions regularly knows, some people in the UK really do talk like this.)