Interesting Fact - Work

In the 1930s economist John Maynard Keynes estimated that by this century, we'd be earning enough money to meet our needs by working just 15 hours a week.

For many ages to come the old Adam will be so strong in us that everybody will need to do some work if he is to be contented. We shall do more things for ourselves than is usual with the rich to-day, only too glad to have small duties and tasks and routines. But beyond this, we shall endeavour to spread the bread thin on the butter – to make what work there is still to be done to be as widely shared as possible. Three-hour shifts or a fifteen-hour week may put off the problem for a great while. For three hours a day is quite enough to satisfy the old Adam in most of us!  Essays in Persuasion, New York: W. W. Norton & Co., 1963, pp. 358-373.

What went wrong Mr Keynes?

Maybe it's our "wants" that are the problem, and not our "needs".)