Interesting Fact - Books

According to a Freedom of Information Act request by the Telegraph, the most borrowed book from the House of Commons library in 2012 was How to be an MP, by Paul Flynn.

(The complete list is:-

  1. How to be an MP, by Paul Flynn.
  2. How Parliament Works, by Robert Rogers
  3. The new few, or a very British Oligarchy, by Ferdinand Mount
  4. Losing small wars: British military failure in Iraq and Afghanistan, by Frank Ledwidge
  5. Erskine May’s treastise on the law, privileges, proceedings and usage of Parliament, edited by Malcolm Jack
  6. Years of Lyndon Johnson, vol 4, by Robert Caro
  7. Outside in, by Peter Hain
  8. A Journey, by Tony Blair
  9. Chavs, by Owen Jones
  10. Back from the brink, by Alistair Darling
But the winning book had only been borrowed 19 times, I personally think that says more about our MPs than anything else.)