Interesting Fact - Makeup

According to a study commissioned by, the average value of the contents of a woman's make-up bag is £172.

(This valuation doesn't even take into account the cost of the make-up bag, just the contents. It was worked out using the following:-

lipstick, £14
eyeliner, £11
mascara, £23
foundation £27
concealer £11
eye-shadow £16
blusher £11
bronzer £11
eyelash curler £5
eyebrow pencil £5
lip-liner £5
lip-gloss £11

Funnily enough, the women surveyed admitted having quite a few products in their bag that they rarely used, but they took them out just so they could be ready for every eventuality. The only make-up in my handbag is lip salve.  Cost? 1 pound.)