Interesting Food - Muffins and Cookies

An internal audit into spending at the US Justice Department found that they had spent $4,200 on muffins and cookies at a conference in August 2009.

(That's not the real scandal though. The real scandal is that the $4,200, which let's face it is more than some families spend on food for a year, only bought 250 muffins! According to the audit the muffins in question cost $16 (£10) each, and they bought cookies (biscuits or maybe they really were cookies) for $10 each!   Now, I don't begrudge anyone a biscuit, or a muffin, but someone, somewhere was having a joke.  Thank goodness I don't pay tax in the US, otherwise I'd be very, very, angry.  I'm just going to go and do some baking now, it's obviously a very lucrative business.)