Interesting Fact - Driving

A 37-year-old Swedish man was caught driving a black Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS from Bern to Lausanne at around 300 kilometers per hour (180 miles per hour) on a Swiss motorway.

(He now faces a fine of nearly £650,000 ($1 million). Authorities said the man, who was not immediately identified, could be facing up to $1 million Swiss francs ($962,000) for his speeding offense, as fines in the European country are based on a driver's wealth, which in his case will work out at 300 days of fines at £2,166 a day.

He's not the first to be slapped with a heavy fine: in January, a Swiss court slapped a $290,000 speeding ticket on a millionaire Ferrari driver who drove 60 mph (nearly twice the 30 mph limit) through a small village.

And the head of Finnish communications giant Nokia was ordered to pay a $103,000 fine for a speeding ticket in 2002. Officers pulled over Anssi Vanjoki on his cherry red Harley Davidson in Helsinki after he was clocked driving 47 mph in a 31-mph zone.

There is a simple solution to this: slow down.)