Interesting Fact - Holidays

According to a survey carried out on behalf of Clothes Show London, women spend around £700 on the latest bikini, sarong and maxi dress to complete their holiday wardrobe.

(The survey also found that women spend a further £170 on beauty products and treatments to ensure they have that sunkissed, glamorous look before they've stepped anywhere near the beach and they'll spend around 15 hours giving themselves a full holiday makeover, including applying fake tan, waxing their legs and polishing their toenails.

If you combine the cost of everything British women spend an average £855 getting ready for their holiday - on average £350 more than the trip itself.

Who are these women? I don't know anyone so vacuous. Personally, the last time I bought a "holiday outfit" was two years ago, when I bought a swimming costume (in the sale at €20) and a sarong (in the sale at €10). I'd much rather save my money so that we can go out for a nice meal and enjoy a good bottle of wine whilst we're on holiday.)