Interesting Food - Chips

Britain has been named the chip capital of the world, with 16 different kinds of chips on offer (not to be confused with crisps, or Intel).

(A survey by Tesco found 16 chip types, and 13 regional preferences. They included:

Homestyle - oven chips that go crispy
Home fries - chunky chips with a fluffy texture
Steakhouse - long and straight.
Rustic - with the skin on one side
Holden fries - with a crispy turmeric and paprika coating
Frying chips - small and thin

Then there are: crinkle home fries, chunky oven, crinkle oven, straight cut oven, thin & crispy oven, crispy French fries, chunky homefries, beer battered, curly fries and low fat oven.