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Czechs top the world league tables on beer drinking.

(Czechs consume more beer per person than people in any other country. Men consume on average 3.1 litres of beer each week with women drinking on average 0.3 litres per week. Come on ladies! You're letting the side down.)


  1. Before reading this topic, I thought Germans are the first consumer of beer in the world. Maybe second to Czechs. But still Germans are famous for heavy beer drinkers. Aren't they?

  2. According to research by Destatis, per capita consumption in Germany has fallen almost every year since 1991. An ageing population has contributed to the decline. Per capita, Germany is third in the world, (Ireland is second). I was surprised too, but there are more coffee shops than pubs round here.

    Source: Bloomberg

  3. Thanks for your reply. Also from your reply, I understand that in Germany, beer is much popular among young comparing to elders. I was in Japan for 8 years. There elders consumption is not less than young. So a bit surprising for me.

  4. I think the young have a greater capacity for beer, than older people do (I certainly can't drink like I used to) - a capacity that would probably shock many people from other countries. In addition a lot of people develop a taste for wine and other supposedly more sophisticated drinks as they mature, and there's more choice of other beverages than there used to be. I think a unique factor in Germany is the Rheinheitsgetbot (a pure beer law) which restricts innovation in the brewing industry here. It all leads to the inevitable decline.

  5. I am interested to know more about "Rheinheitsgetbot". What is this word in English?
    Why should law restricts innovation in the brewing industry in Germany?

  6. Hi Yabi,

    There is no equivalent in English - it's a beer purity law. The good news about that is there are lots of different kinds of beer brewed in England, the bad news is that this includes "banana flavoured beer". :p

    I've written a bit about German beer here:-

    There's a link to an English translation of the law too (there are a couple of swear words on the linked page).

  7. I have a question about beer glass. I have seen a glass and I am not sure its function and I took its photo. How can I send its photo to get your opinion, what type of glass is it.
    It is like a tulip glass but very fat one. I am confused whether it is for beer or wine.
    Or if can send a site add about different types of glasses.

    Thanks in advance.

  8. I checked Internet and find following site:
    The glass I am talking about is named: Snifter

    It is very interesting for me that each type of beer has its own special glass and have reach is the type of glasses.

  9. Well we usually use snifters to serve brandy. I do have a tulip shaped glass that holds beer though, I bought it in Belgium, but it's way too big for brandy (it holds half a litre - hic). (Now those guys know how to experiment with beer.) :)


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