Fact # 928 - Bloggers Unite for Refugees United

In the past year, the number of refugees has grown to more than 16 million people worldwide.

(UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said, "I urgently call on the international community to redouble efforts to address both the causes and consequences of forced human displacement. Greater international solidarity is crucial if we are to share the burden of protection more equitably.

I thank the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and United Nations agencies that have worked together to protect and help repatriate the displaced. We must not lose sight of the individual people who are fleeing persecution, what they face on a daily basis as they try to meet their basic needs.

Our goal must be no less than to ensure that refugees will be free one day to return home, in safety and dignity. But on World Refugee Day, let us first reaffirm that all refugees have the right to asylum, and let us do everything we can to give them the full protection they deserve.")

Bloggers Unite


  1. Thank you for raising awareness for this ongoing crisis.


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