Interesting People # 113 - Jonny Wilkinson

World-cup-winning rugby star Jonny Wilkinson, would practise about 1,000 kicks to prepare for just 20.

(Sadly, he wrote in the Times that his fear of failure was so powerful that he didn't feel any satisfaction or pleasure even after winning the rugby World Cup with a drop goal in the last minute. Luckily since then he seems to have discovered a more balanced approach to life.)


  1. Anonymous11:21 pm

    hi this is hannah and i want to know if my sexy icon jonny wilkinson is single so that i can go out with him so very badly love from hannah

  2. I don't think he's married, but as far as I know he's in a stable relationship and living with his girlfriend.

    (From my personal experience going out with rugby players isn't all it's cracked up to be. They tend to enjoy partying with their rugby mates a bit too much.)


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