Interesting Fact # 875 - The Earth

Some people still believe the earth is flat.

(The modern hypotheses supporting a flat Earth originated with English inventor Samuel Rowbotham (1816-1884). Based on his interpretation of certain biblical passages, Rowbotham published a 16-page pamphlet, which he later expanded into a 430-page book, Earth Not a Globe, expounding his views. According to Rowbotham's system, which he called "Zetetic Astronomy", the earth is a flat disk centered at the North Pole and bounded along its southern edge by a wall of ice (Antarctica), with the sun and moon 3000 miles (4800 km) and the "cosmos" 3100 miles (5000 km) above earth. Nowadays, the term "flat-earther" is used to describe someone who is spectacularly - and seemingly wilfully - ignorant. Flat-earthers call spherical-world believers "globularists". That would make me a globularist then.)

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